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Pick 6, Win A Shirtsey From Over The Monster

Alright, Over The Monster, it's time to show us what you've got.

I'm not going to lie to you or sugarcoat the truth: Pick 6 started out pretty ugly for us around these parts. I looked at the leaderboards last week and what did I see? Lone Star Ball this and Bluebird Banter that and, yes, Camden Chat, Camden Chat, Camden Chat!

We got beat, folks. We got beat just like the Red Sox on the field!

We here at Over The Monster want to see that change, but we can understand that you might need some incentive. A little something to get the competitive juices flowing. You don't have a problem throwing your chips away when there's nothing on the line after all, right? Even just a few bucks in the pot makes it all the more interesting, right?

To that end, Marc has decided to offer to whomever comes out on top of the Over The Monster pack for the most weeks (Monday-Sunday) their choice of official MLB "player shirt, shirsey, whatever the kids are calling them these days". So long as it's a Red Sox one, because we don't appreciate confederates.

You'll also get your name in 12 point Times New Roman font with the winners of the fantasy leagues. There for all eternity, or at least until we're forced to shut down the internet to protect ourselves from intelligent computers.

To second place, we offer a John Lackey "player shirt, shirsey, whatever the kids are calling them these days," because we want you all to understand that coming in second place is just being the best loser.*

So get out there and start picking! Because if you don't, so help me God, I will buy all of you Lackey apparel!

Contest entries are subject to the official rules, found here.


*Second place will not actually receive anything. We wouldn't be that cruel!