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Sunday Discussion: The Old Regime

Stop losing, please. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Stop losing, please. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Red Sox have just lost two games at home to the Orioles, who have started the season 18-9 and currently sit just behind the division-leading Rays in the AL East. This is not, sadly, a misprint. Boston's getting whipped by a team that hasn't made the playoffs or compiled a winning record since 1997. They've lost seven of their last nine games against the O's going back to last year. It's simply not right.

The first series against Baltimore, frustrating as it's been, does at least offer a chance for a bit of nostalgia. In their ongoing quest to regain relevance, the Orioles have turned to former Red Sox GM Dan Duquette. Duquette held the top spot with the Sox from 1994 to 2002, and had what could be best termed a mixed set of results. He was by many accounts hard to work with, and he had an unfortunate affinity for aging veterans of limited value. There seemed to be no limit to the Lansings, Offermans, and Lewises he could throw $6 million at.

Duquette, despite his numerous flaws, did bring in many of the Red Sox who defined a fair deal of our youth. Nomar Garciaparra, Tim Wakefield, Jason Varitek, Pedro Martinez. All were acquired, via draft or trade, by Duquette. Even stalwarts of the championship years like Manny Ramirez and Kevin Youkilis were originally Duquette acquisitions.

So, for today, I'd like to focus on the good times of the past. Again. At least until the current squad gives us a reason to talk about them.