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Terry Francona Has An AOL Email Address

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ESPN once again finds itself rocked by scandal, and at its center is Terry Francona. In a shocking revelation, the former Red Sox manager was shown Wednesday, to the horror of tech-savy teenagers and twenty-somethings everywhere, to have an AOL (or "America Online") email address.

The shocking truth was revealed by Deadspin when some guy went searching through his girlfriend's email and discovered a correspondence he believed to be from Francona coming from an AOL email address. Deadspin would confirm through a "baseball source" that the address did, in fact, belong to Terry Francona.

That a baseball source was able to confirm this information invites questions of just how deep this goes. How many people in baseball and the Red Sox organization knew of Francona's terrible email secret? Does anyone else have one? Is there a out there just waiting to tear this team apart?

Many members of Red Sox nation are not taking this revelation well. When asked about the scandal one local fan responded "I can't believe he would do such a thing. I know older people might not always have Gmail, but hasn't he at least heard of Yahoo?"

"What's AOL?" asked his 10-year-old son.

A protest is being planned outside of ESPN's Bristol offices. Participants are being asked to bring any AOL CDs they may have left lying around for a very likely toxic bonfire.