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Rosenthal: Scott Podsednik Called Up

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See what happens when you don't wear a full suit of armor to the plate, Cody Ross? Scott Podsednik gets called to the major leagues to fill the vacated spot on the roster when you break a bone in your foot.

According to Ken Rosenthal, Podsednik will leave Pawtucket and join the Red Sox in Baltimore. With Ryan Sweeney failing the concussion test necessary to get back to playing, he could hit the seven-day DL. As he hasn't played since May 19, he would be eligible to return five days from now.

This created a need for someone, anyone, to join the Red Sox roster, as they were down to just three outfielders. (No, Mike Aviles and Adrian Gonzalez don't count.) Podsednik is that guy, and while we don't know what the corresponding moves are, there are plenty of options.

Mauro Gomez could be designated for assignment to remove him from the 40-man roster. Cody Ross could be placed on the 60-day DL rather than the 15, though if he's ready to come back in six weeks rather than eight, Boston is then lacking two weeks of Ross they could have had. It might be better to place him on the 15-day then switch him later if necessary, at a time when someone else (Carl Crawford, Jacoby Ellsbury) will need a 40-man spot back.

Daisuke Matsuzaka could be switched to the 60-day DL, as he's been on the disabled list since Tommy John surgery anyway. The rehab assignment won't mess with the timing, as it's considered a setback. Jason Repko could be designated, or, if his injury merits it, switched to the 60-day. Then again, if you're in the position to play Scott Podsednik, you're also willing to have Jason Repko available.

There's plenty to work with here, but we'll have to wait to see just which it is. As for how much he'll play, one would hope that Podsednik is only around to take occasional playing time from Marlon Byrd, and not Che-Hsuan Lin or Daniel Nava.