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Red Sox 2, Athletics 4: Quick Reaction

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The streaky Red Sox season continues. From losers of five, to winners of five, and now on to, well, three-of-four. Despite some nice debuts from Will Middlebrooks and Clayton Mortensen, the Sox fell to the Athletics 4-2, dropping to two shy of .500.

Daniel Bard wasn't at his best tonight by any stretch of the imagination. Wild from nearly the start, and without his slider going like it was in Tampa Bay, he nonetheless was able to record some quick early innings, allowing just one run to score in the first five.

Surprisingly, it would be the defense that eventually led to Bard's demise, as Cody Ross made a mess of a fly ball at the wall, costing the Sox two outs and, ultimately, three runs in what would prove a decisive sixth.

The offense wasn't particularly impressive, and Adrian Gonzalez failed miserably in two crucial situations as he continues to struggle at the plate, but Will Middlebrooks was at least awesome, walking, stealing a base, reaching on an infield single, and doubling in his debut.

Clayton Mortensen was also surprisingly strong in his first outing for the Sox, striking out six in three innings.

Still, a loss is a loss, and a series loss at home against Oakland is no good at all.