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Compete Against Over The Monster With SB Nation's Pick 6

Like fantasy baseball, but don't have the time to maintain a team throughout the year? Maybe your favorite part of the game is drafting, but the thought of taking more than a minute to assemble a roster just isn't appealing. SB Nation's Pick 6 would like you to give it a try, as it's quick, easy, and free to play.

It's an aptly-named game, as all you do is pick six players each day. Select a catcher, starting pitcher, middle and corner infielders, an outfielder, and a reliever, and you're done. You have $120 to spend, and each player is priced accordingly -- figure out how to balance your six-man roster with expensive players, cheap players, or a mix of mid-range ones, and come away victorious against your opponents.

Speaking of your opponents, you have the option of competing against the community, and that blog's authors. I've set my own Pick 6 account to throw me on an Over the Monster leader board, meaning I'll be competing against whichever of you do the same. Just get your six players in before the first games of the day, and you'll be competing against your fellow baseball fan here at OTM on a daily basis.

There's a widget to access Pick 6 at Over the Monster as well, found right under the site logo on the left sidebar. (In fact, you might have even seen the widget before you saw this post.) It will show you how much time you have left before you can make your picks, so you don't need to worry about obsessing over schedules each day. Just come to OTM, glance at the Pick 6 widget, and make your picks when you need to.

Questions? Concerns? Problems? Lofty praise? Drop it all in the comments, and we'll pass the info along to the people behind the game.