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Red Sox 0, Tigers 10: Quick Reaction


Well, that was awful.

The Red Sox had one of those days where everything that could go wrong did go wrong, but sadly that probably only changed it from something like a 3-run game into a 10-run blowout.

While Josh Beckett had a lot of movement to his fastball early on, and managed to get a few good curves in, his changeup was terrible and as the game wore on he just could not stay out of the center of the plate. The result: seven runs, all by way of (five) homers.

The lineup was better than it was against Verlander, but even with Doug Fister leaving the game in the fourth simply could not push runs across. Kevin Youkilis looks like a shadow of his former self, while Mike Aviles and Cody Ross look completely helpless at the plate.

Yesterday's loss was easy enough to put behind us. Verlander can shut any lineup down, and the late comeback was...encouraging.

There was nothing encouraging about this game. It was a thorough demolishing, and one that will linger until we see real signs of quality from this roster.