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2012 Red Sox Community Projections: Josh Beckett

It's been a turbulent few days when it comes to thumb injuries. One of those has resulted in the worst case scenario, with Andrew Bailey going down for the first half of the season. The other one? So far so good with Josh Beckett, who seems ready to start the second game of the regular season for the Red Sox.

The question is, which Josh Beckett will he be? 2011 saw the return of Beckett as an ace, perhaps thanks in part to the indivisibility of 2011 by two. Y'know, if you're superstitious like that.

If you are superstitious like that, then it probably doesn't matter what happened last year, what Beckett has done in spring, or how good he looks physically compared to the days of, say, '08--this is going to be a bad year by definition.

For those who aren't superstitious, well, there's plenty of signs pointing both ways. Beckett outperformed his peripherals last year, but those numbers were still solid. And he looks to be in good shape this spring, but the K:BB isn't necessarily where you want it.

But it's all spring anyways, so choose as you will.

Sean O came up with the excellent idea of using Google Forms, so rather than comment below, just fill out the form (after the jump) and the rest will hopefully take care of itself.