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Daily Red Sox Links: Carl Crawford, Rich Hill, Adrian Gonzalez


You can't have everything. We started out with health and couldn't win. Now we're winning but we're losing good players. Ugh.

As you may have heard, Carl Crawford is hurt. Like, a lot. (Brian MacPherson; The Providence Journal)

The Red Sox released as statement about Crawford's injury and his status going forward and as you might imagine it's quite unhelpful (though this could be owing to the nature of the injury). (Rob Bradford;

But on the plus side, we might get Rich Hill back this weekend. (D.J. Short; Hardball Talk) and the reports on him are quite good. (Tim Britton; The Providence Journal)

The excellent Steven Goldman asks a question probably nobody here really wants to ask: should the Red Sox have signed Carl Crawford in the first place? (Steven Goldman; Bleacher Report)

Lost in all the Crawford/losing streak/Ellsbury/lousy pitching talk that has dominated this season so far is the uninspiring start from star first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. (Alex Speier;

Our own Cee Angi looks at Bobby Valentine's start with the Red Sox and what he can bring to the table going forward. (Cee Angi; Baseball Prospectus ($))

With the news that Alex Wilson is switching from the rotation to the bullpen at Triple A Pawtucket with an eye towards helping the Red Sox in the near future, maybe it's a good time to find out more about Alex Wilson. Chris Mellon of Sox Prospects gives us The Book on Alex Wilson. (Chris Mellon; Sox Prospects)

Finally, if you're feeling a bit schadenfreude-ish, this piece on Michael Pineda's very serious shoulder tear should cheer you right up. (Dustin Parkes; The Score)