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Red Sox 2, Yankees 6: Quick Reaction


It's an unhappy 100th birthday for Fenway Park, which was just home to the Red Sox' fourth straight loss, and ninth loss in thirteen games this season.

And oh, yeah, it was another depressing one.

Clay Buchholz was bad again. Forgetting those six good innings he finished his last outing with, Clay lived up in the zone all day long, and the Yankees took advantage. Alex Rodriguez, Nick Swisher, Russell Martin, and twice Eric Chavez--Eric Chavez!--hit home runs off the struggling righty before he was pulled with no outs in the seventh. Scott Atchison and Junicihi Tazawa kept the Yankees off the board for the rest of the game, with Justin Thomas tossing in an out.

Ivan Nova was strong in his outing, and it looks like the Yankees (sadly) have something real in him. David Ortiz picked up the only legitimate run for the Sox all day, hitting a solo shot off that narrow porch on top of the Monster. The second was just a matter of a Nick Swisher error.

4-9, 4-9, 4-9, and frankly it feels like we're just 15-24 in September.