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Happy Birthday, Fenway Park

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Today is the 100th birthday of Fenway Park, and to commemorate it, the Red Sox and Yankees will face off this afternoon in the garb of 1912. There will be a celebration of players and moments past as well, and that's what we want to hear about from you today.

Everyone has their favorite Fenway moments, whether they were seen on television, listened to on the radio, or viewed in person, at the park itself. What's your favorite Fenway moment?

Sadly, I've never attended any Red Sox games of real significance, so from the perspective of being at the park, I've not much to talk about. Tim Wakefield recorded win 199 and strikeout 2,000 with the Red Sox last summer while I was in the right field bleachers. I watched Chris Bosio get hit in the face by a Mike Greenwell liner in August of 1995, a fact that's mostly memorable because it's the first game I remember attending and recalling a single detail about. This list starts to falter quickly.

On television, of course, there have been countless moments to go over, from playoff races to series to victories or records set. We're all Red Sox fans, but we're surely not monolithic in our thoughts -- let's hear what your favorite moment in Fenway's history is.