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Red Sox 3, Rangers 6: Quick Reaction

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So much for winning.

After a three-game winning streak against Tampa Bay, the Red Sox have now matched that nicely with a three-game losing streak that probably looks about the same in run differential when you toss in the 18-3 madness.

Today, the Sox had a bit of a flashback to the first game of the season, just in greater proportions. A good starting pitching performance from Josh Beckett--seven innings, three runs, and two of them coming from a Mike Napoli homer which doesn't really count--wasted thanks to poor relief pitching and an offense that didn't wake up until the final inning.

Though Kevin Youkilis had his day of vindication with his first home run of the season--one that put the Sox up 2-0 no less--Adrian Gonzalez apparently took over for him, looking completely inept all game long. Franklin Morales is the other major let down, tossing away his good start to the season by giving up three runs in recording just the one out.

The Sox did have some decent offensive performances throughout. Mike Aviles and Kelly Shoppach were good, and called in to pinch hit in the ninth Ryan Sweeney did what he always has so far this season and picked up a clutch hit. But in keeping with the tone of the last eight months, Jarrod Saltalamacchia managed to shoot a rocket right into Brandon Snyder's glove for a line drive double play.

2-10 is where the Sox finally got things together last year. They're 4-8 now, but arguably with a lot bigger problems. It's starting to look like a long road ahead.