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Sunday Discussion: Superbowl Hot Stove

Happy Superbowl Sunday, all. Obviously everyone's focused on tonight's game between the Patriots and Giants, and it seems silly to try to fight that. On the other hand, if you're reading this, it means you're at least thinking a bit about baseball. So let's talk about that. Why, on this most footballing of days, are we still reading about baseball? What is it about baseball that keeps our attention, even in the middle of winter?

Hell, why am I writing about baseball (even while wearing my Gronk jersey)? A lot of it, I think, can be summed up by one word: summer. Every time I think about baseball, it's a reminder of warm days and sunny skies, two things which are in pretty short supply in New England for much of the year. As far as the sports themselves, I appreciate the long season in baseball. I enjoy the more laid-back atmosphere as you watch a baseball game. On a visceral level, I like that baseball isn't as brutally physical a game. I can watch it without feeling much guilt at the damage the players are doing to themselves. Not that I don't enjoy football, but that always bothers me.

Anyway, that's one guy's thought process. I'm going to leave the thread up for y'all. Talk baseball, talk football, talk about this week's Parks and Rec. It's Superbowl Sunday, have a bit of fun. After the jump, Superbowl picks from our panel of baseball experts.

Superbowl picks:

Marc: I will refuse to make a score prediction on the grounds I don't want to anger the football gods.

Ben: I'm taking Marc's way out, except with more terror involved.

Matt Kory: Pats, 34-24

Matt Sullivan: Pats, 45-34

Cee: Giants, 36-32

lone1c: No score prediction, but the Pats will make a strong showing for Mama Kraft.

Brendan: Pats, 35-27

Enjoy the game, everyone. In the meantime, chat it up.