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Daily Links - Speedy Deedy Edition


Link time!

If you haven't read this piece by Alex Speier of, stop reading this and go read that. I'll wait. [cue: beautiful sounds of Kenny G] OK, see? I mean, crazy good and informative right? Definitely. Absolutely. No, sure, that's a good point. Well, no, I didn't think of it like that. Well, yes, I can go out Friday night. How nice of you to ask.

Noel Murray of the Onion's AV Club has this to say about the smart way baseball teams are run these days.

In the 'Know Thine Enemy' department, the excellent Steven Goldman at YES Network's Pinstriped Bible runs down the latest Yankee moves.

Jason Parks at Baseball Prospectus looks at the Red Sox system and outlines what could go wrong with the team's best prospects. It's not a wholly depressing read as the title might suggest. The Sox have some talent, not perfect talent, and talent that could trip along the long road to the majors, but talent nonetheless.

Sox Prospects has two beginning of the year reviews on two prospects that I find very interesting. One is Chris Balcom-Miller and the other is Juan Carlos Linares.

Finally, Jason Wojciechowski from The Platoon Advantage (but writing at Baseball Prospectus) writes about how he, well, he... he doesn't like Spring Training.