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Daily Links - Quick 'n Dirty Edition

I'm finally coming down from my BP high, which was really quite a thing, what with the niceness and all that everyone showed me, but, on the off chance you missed it, hey everyone Lookit meeee!! And now I promise never to mention it again. Pinky swear.

Link time!

Sam Miller at Baseball Prospectus has an excellent (and free!) write up on the worst game of the year. I think we could dispute his assertion as Red Sox fans that a meaningless game between the Tigers and Giants was the worst game of the year, but it might have been the most boring and pointless game of the year. In any case, Sam Miller makes the whatever-you-want-to-call-it game of the year interesting, funny, and totally worth reading.

It was an odd day here in the Red Sox blog-o-verse. I wrote my morning piece on some common Spring Training questions that are being asked about the Red Sox. As I noted in the article, asking questions of the team was a commonly used device, so I shouldn't have been surprised to learn that, in fact, that unbeknownst to me, Chip Buck of Fire Brand of the AL was writing a different column off of essentially the same premise at the same time. He addressed different questions than I did, so head on over and check his out. You'll be able to differentiate the two because Chip's is intelligent, well written, and backed up by facts, while mine features a picture of Jack Nicholson. Point, me!'s Cliff Corcoran breaks down the AL East division in this piece. I have to say, despite Mr. Corcoran's compelling evidence, I don't see the Orioles winning 120 games this year.

What if the Red Sox could play the Yankees in the World Series? Every year? Over at our sister site, The Good Phight, David Cohen helps you imagine what that would be like. Or, alternately, you could just club yourself with a shovel.'s Rob Bradford looks at some of the Red Sox players who are out of options heading into this season, meaning either they make the Red Sox major league roster or they have to get sent through waivers where they can be claimed by other teams. Scary!

Over at Red Sox Beacon, Sully looks at an under-noticed way the Red Sox will improve this season.

Denton at Surviving Grady thinks Gerry Callahan didn't do a great job with his latest column. I'm inclined to agree.

The Globe's Peter Abraham says Bobby Valentine says things. Some of these things are said about camp, some are said about specific players, but all are, without a doubt, said and said about stuff.

Finally, this video by Nyjer Morgan is funny.