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2012 Red Sox Top Prospect Voting #5: Ryan Kalish Leads The Second Wave

What does a year of injury and futility cost you? Three spots if you're Ryan Kalish. After leading the list last year, Kalish comes in at #4 after a lost 2011.

He's not considered a prospect by all, but Kalish fits the bill in most ways. With only 163 at bats in Boston, Kalish is very much still the kid at Triple-A who fans are still waiting on to make the majors as a full-time starter. The hope was that this would happen last year, but a shoulder injury suffered in spring left him out for much of the season, and ineffective in his short return before he was again sidelined.

Now, with surgery out of the way and rehab in progress, Kalish will have to reassert himself as the heir apparent in right field. With the Sox eyeing a platoon there for 2012, that probably can't happen soon enough for most fans.

1. Ryan Lavarnway, C/DH

2. Will Middlebrooks, 3B

3. Xander Bogaerts, SS

4. Ryan Kalish, OF

Alright, it's time to finish up the top five. Ryan Kalish topped the second wave of players by a sizable margin, but second place was pretty close, and who knows where his votes are headed? It's the same story as always: rec the appropriate comment below to vote, and vote away!