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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 73 - Free Agent Frenzy: The Napoli Crush Edition

This edition of the podcast is all about the additions the Red Sox have made over these last few days of the Winter Meetings and what those additions mean to the team now and in the future. Yay podcasty goodness!


As you are all no doubt aware, the Red Sox have been active over the Winter Meetings, first signing catcher/first baseman Mike Napoli and then outfielder Shane Victorino to similar three year deals. In this edition of the podcast, Marc Normandin and I, Matt Kory, take a look at how the new players fit in with the Red Sox current roster, what their contracts mean for the future of the team, and what can be reasonably expected of them during their time in Boston. Also we look at what the signings mean for the Red Sox off-season and what they indicate about the direction of the franchise. Marc also comes up with several worthy t-shirt ideas. It's all here, it's all wonderful, it's all podcasty. It's the 73rd Over The Monster Podcast!

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