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Morosi: Yankees Interested In Cody Ross, Scott Hairston

New York is still searching for a corner outfielder to replace Nick Swisher, and might sign a Red Sox to do it

Al Bello

The Red Sox filled one hole on Monday, the first of four days at the winter meetings. But they could still use some help at a few other positions, including in right field, where Cody Ross roamed in 2012. If the Yankees get their way, though, then Ross might not be an option for the Red Sox to re-sign.

Jon Morosi of FOX Sports is reporting that the Yankees are interested in both Ross and Scott Hairston, who is essentially Cody Ross all over again with a different name. About the only thing that's clear, though, is that the Yankees have a type in mind: no terms, for either years or dollars, have been reported.

The Yankees would have a hard time going wrong with either, unless they decided to dish out the three-year deal for $25 million that Ross wanted that has essentially kept him from just re-signing with the Sox. That's unlikely, though, especially since they could also look at Hairston, who might not even have earned himself the market reputation to ask for two years. Throw in that Angel Pagan signed for four years at $40 million earlier on Monday, and the outfield market looks to be setting itself up in a way that precludes Ross from getting that kind of pay day.

Both Ross and Hairston could be options for Boston: they're both capable of filling in at center if they have to, but are better-suited to a corner, both lefty-mashing power hitters who would benefit from Fenway and are kept from being more due to a lack of patience. Hairston has a bit more of a track record on the road, though, and since he'll be cheaper, it's not the worst thing in the world if New York takes Ross off of the market. Assuming Boston ends up going this route and not the Nick Swisher one, anyway.

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