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Bowden: Red Sox Top Prospects Off-Limits For Hanrahan



This is probably common sense, even if you have a pessimistic view of the Red Sox front office. But you'll be happy to know that ESPN's Jim Bowden is reporting that Boston's top prospects will not be included in any trade for Pittsburgh closer Joel Hanrahan:

That's good news, because it means the chances of avoiding the Darkest Timeline have been averted. Hanrahan could be terrible for the Red Sox, but if he's terrible and they keep the best parts of their future in the organization, it's more like a slightly less dark timeline. Progress!

Now, just who will be included in a deal for Hanrahan is the remaining -- and very large -- question of the day. If it's not a top prospect, then is it a B-level prospect? A couple of relievers anchored around, say, Drake Britton or Stolmy Pimentel, whom the Pirates can afford to take chances on?

And you thought your Saturday before Christmas was going to be quiet.