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Pedro Beato Clears Waivers, Sent To Triple-A Pawtucket

Boston holds on to a designated reliever for a change


While the Red Sox tried and failed twice to get reliever Sandy Rosario off of the 40-man and outrighted to Pawtucket, their first attempt with Pedro Beato proved successful. Beato was designated for assignment in order to clear room on the 40-man roster for free agent Ryan Dempster. Now unclaimed, he's been outrighted to Triple-A, no longer on the 40-man roster, but still within the Red Sox organization.

That's exciting in terms of not losing a player, but let's remember just who Beato is. He's a 26-year-old former prospect without a consistent repertoire or command of it, and while his time in the majors is limited, it hasn't been pretty nor productive. He'll get a chance to continue to work on his stuff, and without burning an option thanks to clearing waivers successfully, but temper expectations. We are, after all, talking about the return from a trade that saw the Mets get one-and-a-half months of a backup catcher in Kelly Shoppach.

Beato might never make an appearance in the majors in 2013, as the Red Sox have plenty of right-handed options they don't quite know what to do with yet already on the 40-man. Depth is depth, though, and if they can unlock the secret of his arm like they've done with a few with more stuff than results the last couple of years, then that's all to the good.