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Daily Red Sox Links: Ryan Dempster, Jacoby Ellsbury, Kevin Youkilis

The best in Red Sox and internet-based baseball writing, DRSL features pieces on Ryan Dempster's durability, Jacoby Ellsbury's tradeability, and Kevin Youkilis's anatomy.


If you're a blog reader, and I'm just guessing here that ya are, then you likely know about the granddaddy of hilarious baseball blogs, the late, lamented Fire Joe Morgan. Rob Trump at The Classical caught up with some of the authors of FJM to talk about the site, it's meteoric rise, and what they're up to now. There are three parts, first, second, and (Rob Trump; The Classical)

Will Ryan Dempster remain durable as a Red Sox? Alex Speier looks into it in a piece he calls 'Will Ryan Dempster remain durable as a Red Sox?' (Alex Speier;

Do the Red Sox have an off-season plan, and if so what is it? Our own Marc Normandin investigates. (Marc Normandin; Baseball Nation)

According to "execs" the Red Sox are the second most improved team in baseball. Of course that'll count for a whole lot when the games begin. (ESPN Boston)

The Red Sox aren't looking to trade Jacoby Ellsbury, though I'm guessing that doesn't mean they won't move him. 'aren't looking to' doesn't mean 'won't.' (Tim Britton; The Providence Journal)

The MLB Network could use some different programming. Here are a few ideas. (Ian Miller; Baseball Prospectus) ($$$)

The Mariners traded for Kendrys Morales. The Jeff Sullivan looks at the man, the player, the gif-machine. (Jeff Sullivan; The Fan Graphs)

How will the Rangers replace Josh Hamilton? (Jonathan Bernhardt; Sports on Earth)

Is former Red Sox pitcher (and Yankee, and Blue Jay, and...) David Wells a Hall of Famer? Jay Jaffe takes a look. (Jay Jaffe; Sports Illustrated)

If you like podcasts, Jason Wojciechowski and I have been doing a weekly one focusing on whatever we feel like focusing on. This past week we talked Red Sox among other topics. (Jason Wojciechowski; Back of the Bullpen Podcast)

The Kevin Youkilis Anatomy Diagram is yet another example of the genius of Flip Flop Flying's Craig Robinson. (Craig Robinson; The Score)