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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 75 - Stephen Drew, Shortstop, and Happy Holidays

The OTM Podcast explores the meaning of the Stephen Drew signing. What does it mean for the Red Sox, what does it say about their off-season strategy, and what does it mean for fielding master Jose Iglesias? It's all here, it's all podcasty, it's all the OTM Podcast!


It's the holidays and Matt and Marc are celebrating the gift that will keep on giving throughout the baseball season, that being the gift of Stephen Drew (shortstop, non-sucking division). Drew's signing with Boston alleviates the last big hole on the team and during the course of this hour long podcast, we explain why/how/what/if/yes. We further discuss what Drew's signing means for minor league prospect Jose Iglesias and what the signing means for his future with the Boston organization.

Then we get into some bigger issues: namely, after all these free agent signings, are the Red Sox finished with their off-season? If so, OK. If not, what more might there be to do to improve the roster before pitchers and catcher's report to Fort Myers in late February. Marc says maybe. Matt says probably! In the end they probably settle on maybe. (Or maybe they don't!) One way or the other it's a fun, fabulous and fantastic holiday edition of the (75th) Over The Monster Podcast!

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