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AL East Uniforms, Soccer Style

Not your usual fare, but attractive representations nonetheless

Liverpool FC

Let's get this out of the way: I know very little about soccer. It's amazing that Graham MacAree, our resident soccer overlord, deigns to speak to me as often as he does given how oblivious to the workings of the other football I am.

What I do know, however, is that this work by M. Willis, on display over at the site of the same name, is lovely. Willis took the five American League East teams, and imagined soccer jerseys for them, based on "existing boundaries" such as colors, logos, etc. You'll have to go to the site itself to see all five entries for the division, as well as the full explanation that caused Willis to make the decisions that were made, but we can at least share a sharp-looking Red Sox jersey before sending you on your way:



If we're being honest, the jersey shirts for the other four AL East clubs might be prettier. (Well, maybe not the Blue Jays.) Maybe because there's more going on, and the idea of pinstripes on a soccer jersey is pretty neat once you see it. This makes sense within the boundaries set by Willis, though: Boston's uniforms are fairly clean looking, sans player names and much in the way of design besides the team name on the front, and this soccer representation reflects that.

That aside, someone get to work convincing John Henry to make Liverpool wear these for a football match at Fenway Park. Or sell them to soccer enthusiasts who also happen to be Red Sox fans.

Go check out the rest, as well as the reasoning behind the designs, as it's a fun little project that even a soccer heathen like myself can appreciate.