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Daily Red Sox Links: Ryan Dempster, Kevin Youkilis, Josh Hamilton

The best in internet baseball writing, Red Sox-related division, brings you pieces on Ryan Dempster's Bostonness, Kevin Youkilis's used-to-be Bostonness, and Josh Hamilton's never-was Bostonness. Mm mm! Delicious!

Jamie Squire

You may have noticed that the Red Sox signed Ryan Dempster. (Ken Rosenthal; Fox Sports)

It's an interesting signing, lots of dollars per year, but few years. How does Dempster fit into the Red Sox roster and future plans? (Brian MacPherson; The Providence Journal)

The Red Sox off-season isn't over yet, says Gordon Edes. (Gordon Edes; ESPN Boston)

Cliff Corcoran likes the Dempster signing alright but thinks the Red Sox still need to get an ace. (Cliff Corcoran; Sports Illustrated)

Keith Law on the other hand thinks the Red Sox got a steal. (Keith Law; ESPN)

The Red Sox formally introduced Shane Victorino yesterday and, though skeptical of the deal, Chad Finn thinks that there may be a useful place for Victorino on the Sox roster after all. (Chad Finn;

How would you feel if the Red Sox signed Jorge Posada? Not now, obviously. Say, five years ago. That, in essence, is how Yankees fans feel about their team's signing of Kevin Youkilis. By the way, that is my analogy, not the author of the linked piece, who went with Jack McDowell signing with his beloved Indians. In any case, because we all care so very much about how Yankees fans feel around here, I though you might want to read this. (Joe Posnanski; Sports on Earth)

Kevin Youkilis has a last name that causes many to assume he is Greek, including most famously Michael Lewis in his seminal work, Moneyball. But Youkilis isn't Greek, in fact. He's Jewish. So why does a Jewish guy have a Greek sounding name? Interesting story... (Richard Sandomir)

Where does Yankees GM Brian Cashman go for stimulating dialogue? His headwarmer, of course. Welcome to Episode A Lot of the Cashman-Headwarmer Dialogues. (Red; Surviving Grady)

All of the Red Sox moves this off-season have been calculated to, in part, help maintain roster flexibility and keep the payroll under the luxury tax limit in this and future seasons. Here's a look at the Red Sox payrolls in future seasons. (Alex Speier;

Josh Hamilton finally signed a contract and it was with... the Angels? Weird. (Jeff Sullivan; Fan Graphs)

We've come a long way when a $125 million contract doesn't carry with it the ability to cripple a franchise for years, but that appears to be where we are after the Angels signing of Josh Hamilton. (Jonathan Bernhardt; Sports on Earth)