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Cubs Claim Sandy Rosario On Waivers From Red Sox

Again? Come on.


Poor Sandy Rosario. Put on waivers by the Marlins back in October, then claimed by the Red Sox, designated by Boston, traded to the Athletics, designated by Oakland, claimed by the Red Sox a second time, and now, if there's any mercy, designated for the last time by the Red Sox and then claimed off of waivers by the Cubs. This all happened in less than two months, meaning Rosario has had to start and restart his realty searches again and again this off-season. No one deserves that.

In case you've forgotten since Tuesday, Rosario is a right-handed reliever with options, working on a two-seamer since his current fastball is too straight. Since Boston is overloaded with relief depth, it's not a surprise to see Rosario unable to latch on for more than a couple of weeks at a time.

Carrie Muskat,'s beater writer for the Cubs, reported the news on Twitter. This leaves the Red Sox with 38 spots filled on their 40-man, leaving two for Koji Uehara, Shane Victorino, and if whatever is holding up the Mike Napoli deal is sorted out, him too. More transactions need to happen to clear space for all three, but Rosario won't be in the way.

Well, until the Cubs designate him for assignment in a couple of weeks and the Red Sox claim him again, anyway.