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Daily Red Sox Links: Choo, Swisher, Napoli

In today's Red Sox links: the Diamondbacks, Indians, and Reds make a deal.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Another day, another big trade in baseball. The dust had just barely settled from the Shields - Myers deal before the Diamondbacks decided they were going to be next in line to deal away a top prospect, sending Trevor Bauer to Cleveland as part of a three-team deal that sent Shin-Soo Choo to Cincinatti.


While this is more connected to the Red Sox of 2011-2012 then the current 2012-2013 model, the deal means that the Diamondbacks have backed off their desire to trade Justin Upton. So no, the enigmatic outfielder will not be patrolling Fenway's right field anytime soon, Ellsbury trade or not. Unless the Diamondbacks reverse face on the issue for about the tenth time.

(Drew Silva; Hardball Talk)

Speaking of possible outfield targets past or present, the Red Sox are still in on Nick Swisher. Just like they are on Josh Hamilton, and probably anyone else with a heartbeat until they're either out of money, roster spots or time.

(Gordon Edes; ESPN Boston)

While there's much ado (quite possibly about nothing) surrounding Mike Napoli and his delayed introduction, that didn't stop Alex Speier from looking back at Mike Napoli's origin. I'm assured there are no radioactive insects involved.

(Alex Speier; WEEI)

In light of the news that Kevin Youkilis is headed to New York, some have taken it upon themselves to look back at some of the other dirty stinking rotten traitorous bas players who have worn both uniforms.

(Dayn Perry; Eye On Baseball)

It's been a long, difficult journey for Ryan Westmoreland since first undergoing surgery to fix a cavernous malformation of his brain. News has been sparse since Westmoreland underwent another operation back in July, but Joe McDonald spoke with the man we once named Manifest Destiny to see how he was coming along.

(Joe McDonald; ESPN Boston)

To end this on a lighter note, Alex Rodriguez is not a Minotaur...Or so he says.

(Ryan Hudson, SB Nation)