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Daily Red Sox Links: Koji Uehara, Wil Myers, Josh Hamilton

The very best in Red Sox and baseball writing offers you pieces on the Red Sox chase for Josh Hamilton, the Yankees chase for Kevin Youkilis, and the Royals chase for 79 wins.

Al Bello

For better or worse, the Wil Myers for James Shields trade has captured the internet baseball world's imagination. The guys running the beat for the Providence Journal discuss the big trade in a back and forth kind of article. (Tim Britton and Brian MacPherson; The Providence Journal)

Are the Red Sox still chasing, or at least tailing, Josh Hamilton? Why yes. Yes, they are. (Gordon Edes; ESPN Boston)

Kevin Youkilis is mulling a "very legitimate" offer (as opposed to a only somewhat legitimate offer?) from the Yankees. Don't do it, Youk. (Wallace Matthews; ESPN New York)

Koji Uehara doesn't walk hitters. Like, almost never. It's pretty freaky. (Alex Speier;

The excellent Russell Carleton wonders if relievers age differently than starters, and it's free! (Russell Carleton; Baseball Prospectus)

We keep hearing about the uncertainty surrounding prospects. In, I suppose, response, Dave Cameron has a nice piece on the uncertainty of all baseball players. (Dave Cameron; Fan Graphs)

Are the Red Sox loading up on right-handed hitters because of all the left-handed pitchers in the AL East? Sounds suspect to me but Sean McAdam thinks so. (Sean McAdam; CSN New England)

The next time someone tries to tell you Baseball is some decaying hulk, brushing up against the rocky shoals of irrelevance, you can tell him to stick it. Baseball is fine. $7.5 Billion worth of fine to be exact. (Scott Lewis; The Score)

A look at the Red Sox and positional flexibility from someone other than me. (Scott Spratt; The Hardball Times)

Former Red Sox first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz, who's name I just almost spelled properly (added an extra T before the Z), is getting into managing. He'll take over the Twins Single-A affiliate in Fort Myers, just up the street from the Red Sox Spring Training home. (Aaron Gleeman; Hardball Talk)

Rather than sign Kevin Youkilis to play third for them, the Phillies traded for Michael Young. Why? Maybe there is some upside left in Young's bat. Philadelphia better hope so because we already know there isn't any upside in his glove. (Jay Jaffe; Sports Illustrated)