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Red Sox Set To Interview Rick Schu For Hitting Coach

With Dave Magadan gone, Boston needs a new hitting coach


The Red Sox were considering interviewing Tino Martinez as the team's new hitting coach for about 15 seconds, before the Miami Marlins swooped in and hired him first. Friday is a new day, though, and now Boston is set to interview former hitting coach Rick Schu for the open position.

Schu was the hitting coach of the Diamondbacks from 2007 through 2009, back when former Red Sox assistant general manager Josh Byrnes ran Arizona. Most recently, Schu has been a hitting instructor for the Washington Nationals, but Boston represents an opportunity to get back into the big-league coaching scene.

The 50-year-old Schu was signed by the Phillies back in 1980, when he was a much younger man. He played in the majors with the Phillies, Orioles, Angels, and Tigers over the course of eight years, headed back to the minors, then Japan, and returned to the majors in 1996 with the Expos. The 35-year-old Schu called it quits after 1997, which he spent in Triple-A.

Boston is looking to possibly hire two hitting coaches, as manager John Farrell feels there just aren't enough hours in the day for one hitting coach to reach all of the players who need a hand. If anything, that increases Schu's chances of getting a job, but it's not clear how many potential coaches Boston plans to speak to, either.