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Daily Red Sox Links: Jose Iglesias, Jackie Bradley, Xander Bogaerts

The best in Red Sox and baseball-related writing from around the internet.


The Red Sox number one prospect, Xander Bogaerts, looks like he's going to get a shot to impress with the big leaguers in Spring Training. (Brian MacPherson; The Providence Journal)

Jose Iglesias hasn't won the starting shortstop job yet, but to hear the Red Sox front office talk, it sounds like he'll at least get the chance to try. (Peter Abraham;

It's an odd year on the free agent market. The consensus number one hitter, Josh Hamilton, is being pursued by neither New York team nor Boston. In fact, his suitors seem to be the Mariners, Orioles, and Brewers. As I said, odd year. (Kevin Kaduk; Big League Stew)

Red Sox Assistant GM Mike Hazen spoke to Alex Speier about how the Red Sox have to balance the need to win now with the desire to prepare themselves for the future. (Alex Speier;

Will Leitch = good. (Will Leitch; Sports on Earth)

What if the Diamondbacks traded Justin Upton to Texas for Elvis Andrus. Who would win that deal? (Dave Cameron; Fan Graphs)

Looking back at some of the predictions that those inside the game have made over the last decade. (Sam Miller; Baseball Prospectus)

What if Superman were the Red Sox manager? (Red; Surviving Grady)

The fine folks at Sox Prospects are running down the Red Sox top 40 prospects. They're down to:

The Red Sox are in the unique position of having to prove to free agents that they'll be a competitive team in 2013. (Brian MacPherson; The Providence Journal)

Some good news for those who appreciate the art of catching: Gary Tuck is going to stay on with the Sox. (Joe McDonald; ESPN Boston)

Is there any way to make Adrian Beltre the MVP? Well, he's pretty awesome, so that's a start. (Matthew Kory; Baseball Prospectus)