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John Farrell Prefers Rick Peterson As Pitching Coach

The former pitching coach of multiple teams tops manager John Farrell's wish list for the vacant coaching job

Jared Wickerham

The Red Sox are in need of their fourth pitching coach in three seasons, since John Farrell left to manage the Toronto Blue Jays. Now that Farrell is the manager, in a weird way, he's almost picking his successor. Maybe it's ridiculous to think of it that way, but if any of the three pitching coaches had lasted more than a single season -- and that one, full campaign from Curt Young was the only season-length hire -- then it wouldn't feel so much like it.

According to Gordon Edes and his sources, Farrell's preference for the pitching coach is the current director of pitching development for the Baltimore Orioles, Rick Peterson. If that's who Farrell wants, if the rest of the decision makers have no objections, it's likely the job will be his. Reportedly, the decision has been made on someone, and that will be unveiled on Tuesday. Peterson interviewed Saturday morning, with not just Farrell, but general manager Ben Cherington, assistant GM Mike Hazen, and CEO Larry Lucchino.

Juan Nieves, Randy St. Claire, and Steve Foster were reportedly the other options for the job, with Nieves the only one who has been named in something other than through sources. Peterson has been a pitching coach for the Athletics, Mets, and Brewers, known for his work during the Moneyball era of the A's, as well as part of the reason Scott Kazmir was dealt from New York. He's a well-known pitching coach, who has been successful in his career, and it's no surprise Farrell would approve of him the most for this gig.

It's to be seen if it's Peterson's job or not, but if he loses out, the rest of the Red Sox' brass must think pretty highly of the actual new pitching coach in order to pass up Peterson.