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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 72 - Red Sox Top 10 Prospects

At the conclusion to another season it's time to evaluate the Boston Red Sox minor league system. Hooray!


The off-season is upon us and the hot stove is lukewarm. There may be no baseball and there may not even be a whole lot of baseball to talk about but there's always prospects. Oh, there will always be prospects. [Editor's Note: Unless you are the Angels.] In this latest episode of the OTM Podcast, Matt Kory and Marc Normandin look at the recent top 10 Red Sox prospects list published by Baseball Prospectus. We examine the prospects on the list, with a particular focus on the top four guys, the best of the best, if you will. We compare it to the list published by Sox Prospects, and use both lists as a means to discuss Boston's best prospects and state of the Red Sox system in general.

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