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Daily Red Sox Links: Mike Napoli, Jonny Gomes, C.J. Nitkowski

The very best in Red Sox and baseball-related writing across the interwebs. Today we're looking at the value of major league coaching, the signing of Jonny Gomes, and the parallels between baseball in the '80s and the NHL of today.

Thearon W. Henderson

Speaking for everyone here at OTM, we wish you and yours a most happy, joyous, and food-filled Thanksgiving. A quick one while I pause between slices of pie...

Matthew Pouliot of Hardball talk doesn't trust Jim Bowden who is reporting that the Red Sox are negotiating with Mike Napoli. That's why he posted it on his site. Sure. That makes sense. (Matthew Pouliot; Hardball Talk)

Dave Cameron analyses the Jonny Gomes deal and comes away unimpressed. (Dave Cameron; Fan Graphs)

The crew at Baseball Prospectus gives us eight baseball-related things they're thankful for this Thanksgiving. (Baseball Prospectus)

What are the Red Sox waiting for? Rob Bradford thinks he knows the answer. (Rob Bradford;

Former pitcher C.J. Nitkowski wrote a piece on the importance of coaching at the major league level. Whether you agree with him or not, it's required (free) reading for those who want to know more about the complex inter-relationships between players and productivity. (C.J. Nitkowski; Baseball Prospectus)

There is an interesting baseball-related bent to the current NHL lockout. Donald Fehr, the former head of the MLB Players Association, is now in charge of the NHLPA and, according to Thomas Boswell, the parallels between baseball back in the 80s and the NHL of today are many. This is a really interesting piece on Fehr, his tactics, and his successes with the MLBPA. (Thomas Boswell; The Washington Post)

The title of this one kind of says it all: Red Sox Acquisition Targets Ranked By Whether Or Not I'd Want To Have Lunch With Them. (Red; Surviving Grady)

Joe Posnanski on the stats versus the narrative in the AL MVP race. (Joe Posnanski; Sports On Earth)