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Daily Red Sox Links: Josh Hamilton, Ben Cherington, Arnie Beyeler

The Daily Links bring you the best baseball and Red Sox related stories from across the internet. Today's edition includes articles on Josh Hamilton, the importance of coaching, and the recent success of MLB.


After the Punto trade this summer, most Red Sox fans feel that the team should shy away from big-time free agents like Josh Hamilton. Hunter Golden feels differently, though. (Hunter Golden; Fire Brand of the AL)

There has been a lot of impatience in Boston this offseason, as the Sox haven't made any major moves to this point. However, Rob Bradford reminds us that patience is indeed a virtue. (Rob Bradford;

The sabermetric types around the baseball circle of the internet have long argued that the value of an individual coach is often overstated. CJ Nitkowski disagrees with this sentiment. (CJ Nitkowski; Baseball Prospectus)

Arnie Beyeler has been paying his dues in the Red Sox minor-league system for about a decade now. His work has finally paid off, as he'll be the team's first base coach in 2013. (Joe McDonald; ESPN Boston)

One of the recurring narratives around the sports world, especially after this year's World Series, has been the supposed downfall of baseball. Grant Brisbee dispels these rumors. (Grant Brisbee; Baseball Nation)

Good news for Red Sox fans who still haven't gotten over the collapse of 2011. Robert Andino is no longer a Baltimore Oriole. (Ron Chimelis;

The public outcry against the Marlins ownership has been deafening after they traded away most of their top-talent one year after opening a new, publicly-funded ballpark. Did they ruin it for the rest of the teams in the league? (Wendy Thurm; Fangraphs)

Chad Finn has some scattered thoughts about the Red Sox, and baseball as a whole. (Chad Finn;

Last night at midnight represented the deadline for teams to finalize their 40-man rosters before the Rule 5 draft. Here are the moves the Red Sox made before the deadline. (Sean McAdam; CSN New England)