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The Over The Monster Podcast, Episode 69 - There Will Be A Blood-ish-Like Substance: A Look At The Red Sox Off-Season

The Over The Monster Podcast, the preeminent source of Red Sox podcasty goodness (trademark) is proud to have reached it's 69th episode, in which Marc and Matt discuss the Red Sox off-season through the recently completed Armchair GM series.


First of all, "off-season" has a hyphen so don't think that it doesn't.

Beyond that, this, the 69th (insert joke here) (ha ha you said 'insert') Over The Monster Podcast features the awful Matthew Kory and Marc Normandin of the Internet. In it you will find a riveting discussion the Red Sox off-season plans. Specifically, we look at and discuss the Armchair GM series of off-season plans that in which the writers at OTM give specific suggestions . It's as enlightening as a podcast about the Red Sox can be, it's as fun as a podcast on the Red Sox can be, and it's as free of disease as a podcast about the Red Sox can be. It's the 69th OTM Podcast! Listen at will!

You can subscribe to and/or download the podcast at iTunes and/or listen and/or download at our hosting site, Podomatic. Email us with questions, media inquires and marriage proposals at Thanks to Kahoots, the official band of the OTM Podcast, and, of course, many thanks to you for listening.