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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 71 - The David Ross, Free Agency, and Crazy Marlins/Jays Trade Episode

The 71st Over The Monster Podcast features Matt Kory and Marc Normandin analyzing the big Blue Jays/Marlins trade and its impacts on the Red Sox and the AL East, the David Ross signing, and exploring how the Red Sox might fill some of the holes in their roster through free agency.

Kevin C. Cox

Free agency is just beginning and the Red Sox are, in their words, performing some maaaaad due diligence. OK, that wasn't their words. It was my words. Fine. Hope you're happy.

The due diligence part is true and as such there hasn't been much in the way of action from the home town team. That's fine though because there has been action elsewhere. Miami and Boston's AL East foe Toronto in specific. In this, the 71st Over The Monster Podcast, Matt Kory and Marc Normandin discuss the big trade that sent lots of talent north of the border including the impact that it will have on the Red Sox and the AL East as a whole. They also look at the one small move the Red Sox have made so far - signing back-up catcher David Ross - and provide some analysis (spoiler alert: it might not be that small a move, at least not in terms of importance). They further attempt to look into the smokey future of free agency in search of what the Red Sox might be working on. Could they bring in Mike Napoli? Maybe. How about Nick Swisher? Possibly. Josh Hamilton? Uhh... Good gosh we hope not.

It's all here, it's all pertinent, and it's all podcasty awesomeness, all on this 71st OTM Podcast!

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