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Daily Red Sox Links: Blue Jays, David Ross, Josh Hamilton

The Daily Links bring you the best baseball and Red Sox related stories from across the internet. Today's edition includes stories on yesterday's trade between the Blue Jays and Marlins, as well a look at how it changes the AL East.

Sarah Glenn

The big news from yesterday was the huge deal going down between Toronto and Miami. Ben Cherington heard about the news shortly before an appearance at UMass, which I was lucky enough to attend, but he doesn't plan on this deal altering his offseason plan. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

This trade looks really bad from a Marlins fan's perspective, and it's probably time to rid the sport of Jeffrey Loria. (Dave Cameron; Fangraphs)

The Blue Jays, on the other hand, just vastly improved their team, especially in the short-term. The deal looks like it will completely change the landscape of the AL East in 2013. (Alex Speier;

David Ross looks to be a part-time player yet again for the Red Sox this year, but it's not a fate his career deserved. (Michael Clair; Platoon Advantage)

Josh Hamilton has been talked about as being as big of a risk that's available this offseason. He does have some potential for reward as well, though. (Pete Abraham;

After the trade went down yesterday, Giancarlo Stanton expressed his feelings about the deal. I can't say I'd be upset if he found himself in Boston. (Drew Silva; Hardball Talk)

Somewhat lost in the news cycle last night were the winners of the Manager of the Year awards, which were announced on Tuesday. It is one of the more volatile awards in all of sports. (Joe Posanski; Sports on Earth)

One of the still-mysterious frontiers in baseball research is the art of catcher-framing. A guy like Jose Molina may be more valuable than we think. (Ben Lindbergh; Baseball Prospectus)