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Daily Red Sox Links: Jacoby Ellsbury, Rubby De La Rosa, John Farrell

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The Daily Links bring you the best Red Sox and baseball related articles from around the internet. Today's edition includes stories about the Red Sox offseason, their upcoming managerial search, and Terry Francona's new gig.

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  • The offseason has already started for the Red Sox, and there is a lot to be achieved this winter. Luckily for us writers, Tim Britton covered every aspect of the team's offseason, so the rest of us don't have to worry about writing until spring. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)
  • Part of the to-do list for Ben Cherington this offseason will be to figure out what to do with Jacoby Ellsbury. Now may be the time to deal him, and Scott Candage thinks they should do just that. (Scott Candage; Fire Brand of the AL)
  • While Ellsbury will be a concern this winter, the team's first job is to find a new manager. Though John Farrell seems to be the favorite right now, there are other options available. (Jay Jaffe; Sports Illustrated)
  • Over the weekend, MLB played its first ever wildcard games. The National League's game had the now-infamous infield fly rule call, which has been talked about since it happened. However, the other storyline from that game is the end of Chipper Jones' career. Even though he retired, he was still good enough to stick around a few more years. (Scott Pratt; Hardball Times)
  • When the Red Sox made their megadeal with the Dodgers, everybody talked about how much money they saved. Obviously that was a major outcome of the trade, but they also got back some nice pitching prospects, including Rubby de la Rosa. (Alex Speier;
  • As everybody has been clamoring for John Farrell's services as manager, I never really understood the fascination. He could be a good manager here, but I don't get how people talk about it like it's a sure thing. Pete Abraham seems to agree with me. (Pete Abraham;
  • The pipe dream for Red Sox fans was for Terry Francona to return and take the helm again. That speculation ended over the weekend, as Tito accepted a deal to manage the Indians. (DJ Short; Hardball Talk)
  • The Orioles have been the talk of baseball this season, making the playoffs for the first time since 1997. As with every surprising team, their manager has gotten a lot of the credit for their success. (Greg Jordan; Beyond the Boxscore)