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Jake Peavy Re-Signs With White Sox

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The White Sox have locked up Jake Peavy for another two years, taking a possible Boston target off the market.

Jason Miller

The White Sox and Jake Peavy have come to an agreement on a deal which will see Peavy in Chicago for two more years, taking a potential target off the table for the Boston Red Sox.

Peavy, 31, will receive $29 million over the next two years and could have a $15 million option for 2015 should he meet an innings threshold in his first two seasons. That's the sort of price range both in terms of dollars and years that could have made him an attractive candidate for a spot with the Red Sox, but it's not a huge surprise that Peavy would jump at the opportunity to stay in Chicago (and out of, say, Fenway) if he believed that's where his market was going to wind up anyways.

If Peavy was part of Boston's plans to begin with, they'll have to move on now. There's plenty of starting pitchers in this market, though only so many who can match Peavy's sheer quality on the mound. Free agency begins in earnest in just a few short days.