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Tim Bogar Departing From Red Sox

Tim Bogar will not be returning to the Red Sox in 2013, ending his four-year stint in Boston.

J. Meric

According to John Tomase, Tim Bogar will not return to the Red Sox' coaching staff in 2013.

Bogar has been with the team since the 2009 season, when he joined as the first base coach, but is best known for his terrible, terrible years as the third base coach, sending so many a runner to their deaths at home plate. Still, the team kept him on the staff thanks to his potential as an up-and-coming manager, moving him to the bench coach position in his last year with the team.

In that capacity his image enjoyed something of a rehabilitation with the fanbase. Often portrayed as something of a foil to Bobby Valentine, Bogar seems to be where they turned whenever they couldn't get along with the difficult Valentine. As the year went on, his name was bandied about as a possible replacement to Valentine before the team ultimately went with John Farrell, deciding not to even interview Bogar for the position.

With Farrell bringing in Torey Lovullo, Bogar has found himself without a role.

Bogar has already turned down a bench coach position in Houston after interviewing for the managerial role. Hopefully he'll find a position that suits him before too long. It would be a shame to think Bobby Valentine managed to set him back.