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Season Review: Pedro Beato

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Who is Pedro Beato? Does it really matter?


Pedro Beato fits perfectly into a class of player we are not used to seeing as much of in Boston as we did this year: the "who?" guy.

The typical fan--hell, let's say the typical dedicated fan--can watch most of the Red Sox' games, follow along with most of the team's news, and generally consider themselves just shy of an expert on the team and still find themselves blinking in surprise when Pedro Beato pops his head out of the bullpen for one of his four appearances with the team. "Who," they will ask "is this guy? And where did he come from?"

Well, if you're reading this you already know the answer to the first half of the question. The answer to the second half is "from the New York Mets, in exchange for Kelly Shoppach." And that kind of makes you wonder why they bothered.

After all, Kelly Shoppach was doing just fine playing his role with the Red Sox. In fact, when we traded him, he had an OPS near .800, and what actually doing a decent job against righties as well as lefties. No, it was not the kind of performance that could erase the general perception of him as a backup catcher and earn a big return, but Pedro Beato?

Presumably, given his skillset and the state of catching in the game today Kelly Shoppach had value to some team out there. Does Pedro Beato have value to the Red Sox? It's hard to argue that he does. He's a one-pitch pitcher, and that pitch isn't exactly dominating. He's on the 40-man roster for now, but probably will be coming off it once the time comes to start signing free agents.

In the end, the Sox gave away Kelly Shoppach for...nothing. They probably weren't going to get much better out of him, but with two more weeks left to the trade deadline they may as well have at least held out for someone younger who wasn't going to take a 40-man spot and thus be designated for assignment so soon after. If they end up getting nothing back, well, then nothing of value was lost anyways. It's quibbling over a minor point, but no reason not to get them all right.