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Daily Red Sox Links: John Farrell, Bobby Valentine, Tim Lincecum

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The Daily Links bring you the best Red Sox and baseball related articles from across the internet. Today's edition includes stories on John Farrell's press conference, Bobby Valentine's interview from last night, and the team's catching situation.


Yesterday, John Farrell was formally introduced as the next manager of the Red Sox. One thing that he stressed was that he was looking for an upbeat style, with aggressive tendencies. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

The man Farrell replaced, Bobby Valentine, clearly wasn't a great fit here. Jorge Arangure thinks this failure may have saved the Red Sox from themselves. (Jorge Arangure; Sports on Earth)

A lot has been talked about regarding the holes that have to be filled on this roster. Chip Buck looks at some options behind the plate, should the front office decide to make some changes at that position. (Chip Buck; Fire Brand of the AL)

Going back to Bobby Valentine, he had an interview with Bob Costas that aired on NBC Sports Network last night. In it, he had some.....interesting comments regarding David Ortiz. (Matthew Pouliot; Hardball Talk)

One potential trade target that has been thrown around has been Tim Lincecum. Wendy Thurm takes a look at the potential of dealing him from San Francisco's point of view. (Wendy Thurm; Fangraphs)

The best part of John Farrell is that he's not Bobby Valentine. (Alex Speier;

As Red Sox fans, one of the few things we got satisfaction from this year was seeing the Yankees swept in the ALCS. Does it rank as one of the worst sweeps in baseball history, though? (Chris Jaffe; Hardball Times)

Pete Abraham takes some quick looks at some first impressions from Farrell's introductory press conference. (Pete Abraham;