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Red Sox Receive David Carpenter In John Farrell Trade

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It has been revealed that David Carpenter will be the player headed to the Red Sox from the Blue Jays in the John Farrell - Mike Aviles deal, putting an end to speculation that Adam Lind could be part of the bargain.

Frankly, it's a development that makes the trade all the more confusing for Toronto.

Already this looked like a "win" for the Red Sox, at least insofar as they offered up little of value to get a manager who they perceived as the ideal candidate. With Lind in the bargain, however, Tornoto at least got to free up a few million dollars in 2012 salary and dodge his $2 million buyout in 2013. Not a significant return, and certainly no skin off Boston's back given the massive amount of payroll flexibility they enjoy, but still something for Toronto beyond the middling Mike Aviles.

With Carpenter, however, all they're doing is shipping off a Quadruple-A arm whose absence doesn't help them any more than his presence likely would. He does not appear to be a particularly good pitcher by any means, but he's not costing them anything, so really all he does is fulfill the requirement for a player to be going the other way.

All-in-all, a job well done by Ben Cherington and co., even if it did earned some disgruntled comments on "gamesmanship" from Toronto GM Alex Anthopoulos.