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McAdam: John Farrell Is The New Red Sox Manager

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The Red Sox have hired John Farrell to be their new manager, and compensation is headed to Toronto

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

It's official, except not really: John Farrell is the new manager of the Boston Red Sox. He signed a three-year deal with Boston, and compensation has been worked out between the Blue Jays and Red Sox to get Farrell out of the last year of his Toronto contract. Sean McAdam broke the news of the contract and agreement to leave Toronto.

FOX Sports' Jon Morosi has more details as well, including the compensation. Well, not all of it. But there a few key notes here worth paying attention to, so we can play "Guess The Compensation." First up, just as with Theo Epstein, the Red Sox will both send and receive a player, as technically, managers cannot be traded for one another. Hence the idea of the Red Sox signing Farrell to a deal, and the Jays releasing him from his contract, in exchange for getting the better end of the trade between players.

Second, the player leaving Boston for Toronto played for the Red Sox in 2012. This player is an infielder, and Morosi lets us know that no, it isn't Will Middlebrooks, so you can just put down that torch and/or pitchfork. Infielders for the Red Sox who are still on the 40-man roster, but aren't Middlebrooks, eh? Let's take a look:

  • Mike Aviles
  • Pedro Ciriaco
  • Ivan De Jesus
  • Mauro Gomez
  • Jose Iglesias
  • Danny Valencia
  • Dustin Pedroia

I have this sneaking suspicion the player in question is not Dustin Pedroia. Call it a hunch! That leaves a list of players Boston can really do without, and then Jose Iglesias, who the Jays probably are not asking for following his brief time in the majors. Realistically, we're talking about Aviles, Ciriaco, De Jesus, Gomez, or Valencia. Can you live without any of those players in 2012, in exchange for Farrell? Because here's your reminder that none of those players is a prospect, if not, and all but De Jesus were on our list of candidates to be either traded or designated off of the 40-man.

Gordon Edes confirms it's not a top prospect, so there's that. He also says it is a prospect, one "slightly better" than Chris Carpenter. Rob Bradford says it's Aviles. That feels right. Aviles wants to start at shortstop, Boston has no real place for him if they want to use Iglesias... it just makes a lot of sense. It also lines up with what Morosi is hearing.

So, Aviles for Farrell. How does that suit you?

[Update 12:30 am] The Toronto Sun's Bob Elliot says to not be "surprised if Adam Lind also heads to Fenway" as the player Boston receives in return. Lind has one year left on his contract, for $5 million, and then has a $7 million option with a $2 million buyout for 2014. This gives Boston a first baseman if they can't find another, though, not a very good one: Lind is so poor against lefties that he absolutely needs to be platooned to be useful. Still, as the player coming back, that's more than what was expected.

[Not Adam Lind Update] The compensation going back to Boston is not Adam Lind, but pitcher David Carpenter instead.