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Starting In 2014, No More Saturday Blackouts

New, comments blackout rules will no longer affect those out-of-market on Saturdays

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

It was rumored that FOX, TBS, and Major League Baseball were working on extensions to their television contracts, extensions that would make all of the parties involved that much richer. While that's great for the sport, and the 30 teams comprising it, it doesn't do a whole lot more for fans. That is, unless a provision were to be thrown in to the deal that eliminates out-of-market blackouts on Saturdays for customers. Hey, look at that:

You have to wait one more season -- that's when the new deal is in place -- but if you're not in a market that shows the Red Sox game on a Saturday, and you want to watch the Red Sox, now you can. If you want to watch someone else besides Boston -- for example, if you were on a subway train with full service on your smartphone, and wanted to watch the Athletics/Mariners contest (that had playoff implications) once it reached extra innings this past Saturday, but could not because the game you couldn't watch by virtue of not being near a television wasn't available (thanks to blackout rules!) on a device that was supposed to rectify the whole issue of not being near a television yet still wanting to watch baseball*-- now the fact that it's Saturday and the game is on television, somewhere, won't be a hindrance to that.

*That oddly specific, run-on example brought to you by one disgruntled-by-blackout-rules author.