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Daily Red Sox Links: Dustin Pedroia, Andrew Miller, David Ortiz

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The best in Red Sox and baseball-related writing. Today features pieces on Dustin Pedroia's broken thumb, David Ortiz's characterization of this season, and the shockingly a bit over average season put together by Andrew Miller.

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I'll miss baseball when it's gone but I'll not miss this team or this season. Last night was more of the same from a team running on the fumes of former greatness. A horrific loss if horrific meant anything anymore. That it was to the team's arch-rival and a loss piloted by the team's supposed best starter this season who flew the plane, to stay with this simile, into a cliff immediately after take-off made it more painful.

Oh, and Dustin Pedroia's finger is broken. Of course it is. Of course it is. (Gordon Edes; ESPN Boston)

Would Terry Francona be a good fit with the Indians? Sure! Why not? (Tom Verducci; Sports Illustrated)

Craig Calcaterra points out the ridiculousness of other writer's arguments better than anyone since the dearly departed Ken Tremendous of Fire Joe Morgan fame (he's not dead, he's writing TV scripts). Here Calcaterra, well, ask yourself this: is Miguel Cabrera really under-noticed? (Craig Calcaterra; Hardball Talk)

Andrew Miller is having a nice season, so that's nice. It's nice that someone is. (Brian MacPherson; The Providence Journal)

Would the Red Sox be better off signing B.J. Upton and getting rid of Jacoby Ellsbury? Let me go on record strongly against that plan, by the way. (Alex Speier;

So how's that new playoff format looking? Grant Brisbee investigates, which should be a TV series. Grant Brisbee Investigates! (Grant Brisbee; Baseball Nation)

David Ortiz thinks this season has been a total "disaster." You could say it's good he didn't sugarcoat it, but really, who could possibly sugarcoat this season? (Gordon Edes; ESPN Boston)

Remember last off-season? The Red Sox actually did decently well when it comes to free agency, at least in terms of who they signed. (Bill Petti; Fan Graphs)

What did you learn this baseball season? I learned things but they're mostly unprintable. Wendy Thurm's aren't, however. And you'll be better off for that. (Wendy Thurm; Baseball Nation)

You would think professional writers would do research before slamming something they don't understand. You'd be wrong though. (Sean Foreman; Baseball-Reference)