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Dave Magadan Leaves Red Sox For Rangers

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Hitting coach Dave Magadan has fled the coop for Texas after six productive years with the Red Sox.

J. Meric

The Red Sox are down one hitting coach. Per Joe McDonald, Dave Magadan has accepted an offer from the Texas Rangers to take over the same position down in Arlington.

Magadan has been a mainstay of the Boston coaching staff since 2006, with few questions ever asked about his performance. In his time with the team, the Sox produced a wOBA of .345--second best in the majors, trailing only the Yankees at .349. Given his exemplary performance, then, why did he choose to leave? Could this be in reaction to the by all accounts terrible atmosphere that had surrounded the clubhouse in the Bobby Valentine era?

Or maybe he just wanted to go somewhere warm. Who knows?

One thing that bears considering its that over the last two years the Sox have seen some significant drift away from their old strategy of working counts, grinding out at bats, and drawing walks in favor of more free-swinging tendencies. It's possible that was entirely a matter of personnel--the likes of Carl Crawford and Mike Aviles do not make for the most patient of teams--but it could be that Magadan was losing his voice, or that said approach was more Terry Francona's contribution than Magadan's.

Without the details, though, all we can say is that the Red Sox are down one well-regarded coach with plenty of results behind him. It's hard to imagine this is a good thing.