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Daily Red Sox Links: David Ortiz, Anthony Ranaudo, Tony Pena

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Daily Red Sox Links has the best baseball and Red Sox-related writing on the internet. Today features articles on the Red Sox managerial search, David Ortiz's aging curve, and Boston's minor league depth.

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David Ortiz has not aged like you might expect, and that complicates a team's efforts to value him going forward. (Matt Klaassen; Fan Graphs)

Good news! The Red Sox won't make you pay any more to see baseball next year! (Peter Abraham; The Boston Globe)

Would the Rangers be interested in signing David Ortiz? (Evan Grant; Dallas Morning News)

Anthony Ranaudo looks good during the off-season. When have I heard that before? Oh! Every year. (Alex Speier;

Sox Prospects is counting down the Red Sox top 40 prospects. Yesterday featured numbers 30 and 29, Cody Kukuk and Tzu-Wei Lin, respectively. (James Dunne; Sox Prospects)

In a post entitled, "Video. Replay. Now." Dustin Parkes asks for video replay now. As usual, he's right. (Dustin Parkes; The Score's Getting Blanked Blog)

Taking a look at Tony Pena who is interviewing for the job of Red Sox manager. (Alex Speier;

Does losing Derek Jeter have a negligible effect on the Yankees post-season hopes? MGL thinks so. But then again, that was before he quit the blog. (MGL; Inside The Book Blog)

One of my favorite writers, Will Leitch writes about... well, it's the Cardinals, but it doesn't really matter. Will Leitch is awesome. (Will Leitch; Sports on Earth)

In his first post for The Platoon Advantage, Chip Buck relates his experience attending Game Five of the NLDS in D.C., the one where the Nationals blew a two run lead in the ninth inning. (Chip Buck; The Platoon Advantage)

Robinson Cano's struggles have been swept under the rug, at least relative to those of Alex Rodriguez. But that doesn't mean they aren't there. The question is, is this just random variation, sort of the opposite of a hot streak, or is it something that Cano is doing wrong? (Bill Chuck; Baseball Analytics)

Should Mike Mussina go into the Hall of Fame with an Orioles or Yankee cap? (Full disclosure: I voted Seattle Pilots) (Larry Granillo; Baseball Prospectus' Unfiltered blog)