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Dustin Pedroia Has Surgery On Pinky

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Dustin Pedroia underwent minor surgery on his pinky finger Wednesday

Elsa - Getty Images

Per Rob Bradford, Dustin Pedroia underwent surgery on his right pinky Wednesday, having a pin inserted to help repair a torn ligament.

"Surgery" is always a scary word to see tossed around our stars, but as far as surgeries go, this one seems about as minor as you can get. It's a pinky finger and a pin that won't be in there long past the end of the World Series (if even that long), leaving him plenty of time to get that finger up to 100% before the 2013 season begins.

This is hardly the first time Pedroia has found himself injured. Frankly, you wouldn't be too far out of line suggesting that he's verging on injury prone at this point, if only due to how much he puts into playing the game. But as with so many other things, Pedroia hasn't really let the injuries keep him off the field all that much, for better or worse. Through pins in his feet, torn muscles in thumbs, and now more metal in his pinky, there's really not much reason to be concerned with Dustin Pedroia being able to produce for the Sox until he loses a limb.

And even then it would probably just be a question of how long it takes to get a prosthetic.