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Daily Red Sox Links: Jacoby Ellsbury, Ben Cherington, Jose Iglesias

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The Daily Links bring you the best Red Sox and baseball related stories from across the internet. Today's edition includes stories on the team's injury issues, their need for a revamped pitching staff, and the questionable shortstop situation.

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There are so many different reasons the Red Sox did so poorly in 2012. One of the biggest issues was the number of key injuries they suffered. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

In the coming offseason, there are surely going to be a number of new players brought in. However, Ben Cherington also has to figure out what to do with some guys that are currently on the roster. What would you do? (Chad Finn;

Jacoby Ellsbury had a disappointing 2012 after being a legitimate MVP candidate in 2011. Now, with one year left on his contract, the Red Sox may look to move him. (Hunter Golden; Fire Brand of the AL)

Mike Trout had an all-time great season in 2012, even without considering he's 21 years old in his first major-league season. This is unfortunate for Yoenis Cespedes, who had a pretty great rookie season in his own right. (Ian Miller; Baseball Prospectus)

In addition to the managerial search and the decision to be made about Ellsbury, Cherington and company will need to rebuild this pitching staff this winter. (John Tomase; Boston Herald)

As baseball fans, most of us spend our Sunday nights watching ESPN from April until October. With Terry Francona managing Cleveland now, the worldwide leader will need to find yet another new anchor for their primetime crew. (Joe Lucia; Awful Announcing)

The shortstop position has been a revolving door in Boston since 2004, and their aren't any great internal options right now. However, they may be stuck with the guys they have for 2013. (Matt Collins; New England Sports Blog)

The A's have been one of the best stories in all of baseball this season. However, can this short-term success be sustained? (Garrett Wilson; The Outside Corner)