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Mike Lowell Not Interested In Managing...Yet

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Mike Lowell isn't interested in getting into the managing least not yet.

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Ah, the early days of a managerial search, where no name is too out there to cast into the hat.

When Bobby Valentine was first fired, three names seemed to come up most often: John Farrell, Tim Bogar, and Jason Varitek. It's easy enough to divide those into the categories of experienced veteran, interesting new blood, and "screw it, who did we like as a player?" They were, however, not alone, and while the first two categories received plenty of other submissions, the third one was limited largely to Varitek and one other man: Mike Lowell.

Certainly his name was not as prominent, his following not as large, but the beloved third baseman from Puerto Rico got a few mentions here and there, largely for being a likable guy who would probably get along well with his players. It was never a serious candidacy, but allow Lowell himself (speaking to WEEI's Rob Bradford) to put an end to any speculation:

"If any team called me right now I would be extremely flattered, but it wouldn't be for me right now," Lowell said from his Miami-area home.


"I have always thought in the future something on the field would really interest me, but I think if you're going to do it right you really need to dedicate a lot of time."

The timing isn't right, and frankly as with Varitek the experience isn't there. Either one would be an interesting candidate as a bench coach, but probably not at the top of the list for a managerial job.

It would be nice to see Mike back in the game in a few years, be it with the Marlins down in Miami, or back up here with the Red Sox. But for now we can cross that name off the list, and it's probably best for everyone involved that we can.